Title | Lines & Tendency 連豐果汁

Type | Re-Branding 品牌形象再造

Year | 2021
Creative Director | Chi Tai Lin
Account Director | Benjamin Chen
Graphic Designer | Jack Tsai

Client | 連豐集團


品牌 Slogan:好原料造就好生活


原有 Logo 使用年代久遠,品牌辨識度不佳,修改採國際化觀點,將本⼟品牌以國際優化方向執行,延伸舊有 Logo 拆解出三個圓形,代表豐富多樣的⽔果原料, 結合茶葉底蘊,延伸設計 Dynamic logo 產⽣多樣變化為品牌注入活潑新穎感受。 

The original Logo has been in use for a long time, and the brand recognition is not good. The modification adopts an international perspective, implements the brand in an internationally optimized direction, extends the old Logo, and disassembles three circles, representing a rich variety of fruit materials. The tea heritage, the extended design of the Dynamic logo, and the various changes that inject the brand with a lively and novel feeling.