Title | Ninja Factory
Type | Branding
Year | 2015
Graphic Design | Chi Tai Lin
Client | Ninja Factory


Ninja Factory a place where real 21st Century Ninjas are born. A place were sleek, fast, repeated movements are practiced and performed on a continuous sea of Trampolines, trampolines at different angles for different maneuvers, one continuous jumping Fun from end to end, Ninja factory is all about safety for the whole family and friends with innovations and new ideas integrated in one limitless trampoline park without restriction of movement and where everyone can slowly improve their holistic discipline, a true transformative practice that requires absolute unity of body and mind to reach the ultimate goal in one’s path. We believe this principle of the integrated whole family and individual fun can and should be applied across every aspect of one’s life, from exercising to work to relationships to strategies and much more. It is as much about mastery of one’s own life as it is about mastery of one’s own movement and fitness.
Whether you are an absolute beginner curious to find out what Ninja Factory is all about, or you’re an experienced practitioner, our Trampoline Park has everything you need to exercise, enjoy a safe and fun time with avery integrant of your family or friends group. Ninja Factory brings out the fun and child in everyone of us.

-------- Founder - Rodrigo Zavala