Title | oBravo Audio
Type | Branding
Year | 2008
Art Direction | Grace Shih
Graphic Design | Chi Tai Lin
Logo Design | Chi Tai Lin
Photography | Justin Chiu
Package | Trican Co., Ltd.
Client | Stymax International Co., Ltd.


At oBravo Technology music and sound are not only our passion, but our mission. We know that quality audio is like the air your breathe. You want it with you morning, noon and night. At home, at work and at play. It interprets, reflects and gives meaning to your mood and provides you a canvas to paint your feelings. oBravo develops audiophile standard gear that is not only exacting and exquisite in its sound reproduction but more importantly obtainable and accessible. Great sound is not meant for just a few. It should be available to all. And available anywhere you want to listen to your music. oBravo has developed a full line of speakers, headphones and unique, innovative amplifier products and technologies. Our products are as unique in design, style and build quality as the music you play through them. Fine audio is not just a feast for your ears, but your eyes as well. We have combined both. Spend some time on our web site and see for yourself how the synergy of your passion and our vision will take you to new levels of audio enjoyment. Your life is a journey. We want you to hear every beat, touch every rhythm, and let melodies fill your soul. We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“ Music Is the Passion That Runs Through Your Life."