Title | oher 歐爾

Type | Re-branding 品牌形象再造

Year | 2021
Creative Director | Chi Tai Lin
Account Director | Benjamin Chen
Graphic Designer | Jack Tsai

Client | 台灣芮偲股份有限公司

原標準字使用襯線字體,較多幾何尖角,給人較銳利堅硬視覺感受,表現質感的同時並無傳達天然友善意象,修改使用 Recoleta 字體修改細節,導入圓⾓帶入幾何造型,減少字體特性,在 中⼼處導入斜 30 度⾓特性,提升⽂字識別度,呼應品牌從 開始的概念。

The original standard characters use serif fonts, which have more geometric sharp corners, giving people a sharper and harder visual experience, and they do not convey a natural friendly image while expressing the texture. Modify the use of Recoleta fonts to modify the details, import circles to bring geometric shapes, and reduce fonts Characteristic, the oblique 30-degree feature is introduced in the middle of O, to improve the recognition of text, and echo the concept of brand starting from O.