Title | Swiper 滑吧

Type | Re-Branding 品牌設計

Year | 2020
Creative Director | Chi Tai Lin
Account Director | Benjamin Chen
Graphic Designer | Jack Tsai

Client | Swiper

延伸轉化爲滑動手勢,滑動為 Swiper 核心精神,融合點到點地標概念,簡化幾何造型連結滑動,呼應 APP 本身探索城市概念,色彩搭配品牌原有科技感的藍綠色與發展無限可能的紫色搭配微對比色彩,整體營造智能探險感受。

The extension is transformed into a sliding gesture, and sliding is the core spirit of Swiper. It integrates the concept of point-to-point landmarks, simplifies the geometric shape to link sliding, and echoes the exploration of the city concept by the APP itself. The color matches the brand’s original technological sense of blue and green and the development of infinite possibilities of purple. Contrast colors, creating an overall sense of intelligent adventure.