Type | Identity / Advertising
Year | 2011 - 2015
Art Direction | Chi Tai Lin
Icon Design | Chi Tai Lin​
Graphic Design | Chi Tai Lin / Magdalena Lin / Yu Chien Lin
3D Modeling, Rendering | Chi Tai Lin​
Photography | Loki Tsai / Alexander Chen
Origami | Afra Lin
Make-up | Sean
Client | TOSHIBA / Asia-Pacific

Semiconductor & Storage Products Asia-Pacific

Discrete Semiconductor
Discrete devices are single-function components essential to all kinds of electronic equipment. It's a fundamental business, and one where Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Products Company has the world's largest market share. Our wide product line-up meet demanding customer needs in such areas as power saving, low power consumption, high speed digitalization, size and weight reduction and improved performance. Discrete devices are now increasingly used in information and communications equipment and mobile phones.